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Get the hard facts to successful 62368 compliance from your UL experts

The IEC 62368-1 Knowledge Hub covers an exceptionally wide range of topics, which we believe can be helpful to manufacturers and distributors of A/V & ICT equipment.

This Q&A includes many of the questions we have been asked, with answers from UL experts. Registered users may also submit additional questions related to the 62368: UL has the answer.

Q&A: List of articles with CSA

Are there any lithium battery specification limitation requirements, such as max voltage, width/height/length, etc., that one needs to consider for a wearable device for indoor/outdoor locations?

IEC 62368-1CSA/UL 62368-1AV/ICT

Battery-powered wearable electronics/devices are covered under the scope of (CSA UL EN) IEC 62368-1,AV/ICT Equipment. If wearable devices are certified to 62368-1, the type of aspects asked about (except design-specific width/height/length of batteries, which are not controlled, except by industry specifications for consumer-grade batteries) are covered under IEC 62368-1’s Annex M, Equipment containing batteries and their protection circuits.