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Welcome to UL’s ToolKit for
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IEC 62368-1, 3rd Edition

Compulsory compliance for A/V & ICT products
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IEC 62368-1, 2nd edition, is the safety standard that is changing worldwide safety certification of consumer and enterprise products in the Audio/Video and Information Communication Technology sector. Based on Hazard-Based Safety Engineering (HBSE) principles, the standard brings real advantages to manufacturers of modern electronic equipment and components. UL wants to be your partner of choice as you navigate the transition before the standard comes into force on December 20, 2020.

This website features a package of knowledge-based content designed to provide you with the most comprehensive and useful foundation for facilitating a sound and effective transition.

It features an in-depth guide (requiring registration) providing you with up-to-date IEC 62368-1 knowledge – accessible as an online tool, PDF, eBook or app – as well as all the information needed to help you and your team complete transitioning smoothly and in plenty of time. Learn more about the guide here.

As a user of the IEC 62368-1 transition toolkit and guide, you will be better enabled to:

We hope you find this toolkit to be useful and, please don’t forget, the team at UL are also here to help.


* IEC 62368-1 is the new hazard-based standard that will replace both IEC 60065 (Safety of AV Equipment) and IEC 60950-1 (Safety of Information & Communication Technology Equipment). The standard is expected to be advantageous to manufacturers designing modern electronic equipment and components due to its hazard-based principles, more performance-based requirements (vs. prescriptive) and its ability to better consider innovative designs and constructions.