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When will EN 62368-1 Edition No. 3 be available to use for Europe?

As a recap, Edition No. 3 of IEC 62368-1 is scheduled for publication around 3Q 2018.

Then it is up to individual regions and countries to adopt it, which can take from months to several years.

In Europe, CENELEC has a parallel voting process to IEC, so if approved, the planned content of Edition No. 3 of EN 62368-1 should be available within several months after the IEC version. 

Formally, the CENELEC project page has a target Date of Ratification (DoR), or formal approval date, in March 2019, and Date of Availability (DoA) in May 2019. 

So, it is reasonable to expect that Edition No. 3 of EN 62368-1 won’t be used much in Europe until well into 2019, keeping in mind too that many manufacturers will be waiting until it is first announced in the EU Official Journal (OJ) as a suitable standard to establish presumption of conformity with the EU LVD. Recent history has demonstrated that it is difficult to predict the timing of such announcements.

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