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What is the origin of Annex N of IEC 62368-1 (Annex J of IEC 60950-1), in particular the table of Electrochemical potentials (V)?

This question surfaces periodically.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide as precise an answer as some may hope for.


However, the content of the table is based on basic galvanic corrosion science.  It is our understanding it was proposed (with technical rationale) and accepted by IEC TC74 (predecessor to IEC TC108) many (30+) years ago based on an EDP/IT equipment manufacturer'™s internal (desk) standard in use at the time. In the long history of EDP/IT/ICT equipment covered by IEC 435, IEC 950, IEC 60950-1, and IEC 62368-1, this sort of origin of a requirement is not uncommon.


We note, via a keyword search for 'œgalvanic corrosion' or similar, there are numerous forms and structures of the same or similar information found online, including several examples below.








If a manufacturer within the present AV/ICT Industry disagrees with the current content of Annex N or believes it could be modernized, a method to address the concern would be to propose, with supporting technical rationale, to IEC TC108 via your National Committee.

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