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What is the intent of 8.7 of UL 62368-1 for equipment mounted to a wall, ceiling or other structures? Does it cover the mounting means and equipment only, or does it include the equipment, mounting means and mounting to the structure?

More specifically you asked:  Sub-clause 8.7 of UL / IEC 62368-1 covers test requirements for equipment mounted to a wall, ceiling or other structures. However, it only seems to cover the criteria of the mounting means to the equipment and not the robustness of the equipment to the structure. If the structure is not included into testing, how are we to ensure that the equipment and mounting means does not cause a hazardous condition to persons after the equipment is fixed to the wall, ceiling, or other structure?


The intent of IEC TC108 in sub-clause 8.7 of IEC 62368-1 was to focus on the integrity of the mounting means connected to the equipment, and not the complete system of equipment / mounting means / structure. The rationale for this is that there are numerous combinations of equipment / mounting means / structures, including the full hardware needed to mount to a variety of structures.  Therefore, there is limited ability to attempt to address all combinations in an av/ict equipment product safety standard. However, as part of certification av/ict equipment with mounting means, some NCBs like UL continue to test representative systems, i.e., equipment / mounting means / representative structure(s), per the supplied installation instructions with the equipment / mount, which then adds additional value to the investigation / certification of the av/ict equipment with the mounting means.


Please note, for generic mounting means to accommodate a variety of av/ict equipment (such as via a standardized VESA mount design with standardized TV hole placement, etc.), UL also has a dedicated standard, UL 2442, Wall- and Ceiling-Mounts and Accessories [ ], and category, IYNW, Wall and Ceiling Mounts and Accessories [ ], which  currently includes over 100 Listees having certifications, including most of the major mount manufacturers. These mounts are subjected to representative system testing, including rated loads, recommended structures, etc.

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