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Which general UL standards cover VW-1 flammability of wiring. For example, if my wiring material is approved according to UL 1015, can I say that the material is approved also UL 2556 VW-1. Does UL 1015 cover UL 2556 VW-1?

In response, the type of wiring you seem to be asking about is identified as 'œAppliance Wiring Material' or AWM, which is investigated to UL 758, 'œAppliance Wiring Material' - https://standardscatalog.ul.com/ProductDetail.aspx?productId=UL758 . This type of wiring is certified by UL under our 'œAppliance Wiring Material' certification category, AVLV2. We suggest you register (free) to UL Product IQ - https://iq.ulprospector.com/en - and look up the public Guide Information for AVLV2 '“ some of the answers to your questions can be answered in the AVLV2 Guide Information - https://iq.ulprospector.com/en/profile?e=206308 .


'œUL 1015' is not a UL standard, but it is a AWM Style Number under AVLV2 - Style 1015 sometimes is informally referred to as PVC insulated hook-up wire - https://iq.ul.com/awm/stylepage.aspx?style=1015 .


Please note that UL 758 references UL 2556, 'œStandard for Wire and Cable Test Methods,' for many of its test requirements, as UL 2556 is a horizontal / reference standard referenced by many UL wire and cable standards - https://standardscatalog.ul.com/ProductDetail.aspx?productId=UL2556 . UL 758 also references UL 1581, 'œReference Standard for Electrical Wires, Cables, and Flexible Cords,' for some of its requirements - https://standardscatalog.ul.com/ProductDetail.aspx?productId=UL1581 .  In fact, UL 758 references UL 1581 for the test method for conducting the VW-1 (vertical specimen) flame test.


Please note, per the AVLV2 Guide Information, the VW-1 marking is only provided for AWM that complies with the VW-1 requirements - the primary method to identify whether an AWM complies with the VW-1 requirements is for the VW-1 marking to be surface marked on the AWM. Usually, the AWM manufacturer must request VW-1 testing on AWM for the VW-1 testing to be conducted '“ if the wire passes the VW-1 testing, then 'œVW-1' can be marked on the AWM.


Note too, under AVLV2 a manufacturer also may request testing to IEC TS 60695-11-21, "Fire Hazard Testing - Part 11-21: Test Flames - 500 W Vertical Flame Test Method for Tubular Polymeric Materials," which also is referenced in Clause 6 of IEC 62368-1.


Please feel free to reach out to UL for a more detailed discussion via your established UL Account Manager, or via https://62368-ul-solutions.com/contact-ul.html .

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