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I am transitioning my AV equipment from UL/EN/IEC 60065 to UL/EN/IEC 62368-1. Is the transition and schedule the same as moving from 60950-1 to 62368-1?

You stated you are transitioning AV equipment from UL/EN/IEC 60065 to UL/EN/IEC 62368-1 and asked if the transition and schedule are the same as moving from 60950-1 to 62368-1.

They are very similar.

In Europe, EN 60065 (Ed) is covered by the same DOW (replacement date) associated with EN 62368-1 Ed 2.  So, the adjusted DOW of December 20, 2020 is valid for both 60065 and 60950-1 being replaced by 62368-1.  However, as of the date of this posting, and as with EN 60950-1, the EU Low Voltage Directive (LVD) has not been updated yet to replace the June 20, 2019 Date of Cessation with the adjusted DOW date (December 2020).  Therefore, technically (per European regulation) the transition date remains June 20, 2019 for EN 60065 too.

In the U.S., our ‘Effective Date’ when both UL 60065 and UL 60950-1 will be replaced by UL 62368-1 remains June 20, 2019, until at least Europe formally adjusts their regulation.  If the EU regulation changes, UL likely will change our Effective Date so that AV/ICT manufacturers can plan to coordinate their global market access for two major regions of the World.  Again, this change would impact both UL 60065 and UL 60950-1.

Note too, the existing ‘Hybrid TRF’ covers IEC 60065 (Ed 8) and/or 60950-1 (Ed2/Am2), and 62368-1 (Ed2) - so theoretically, like with 60950-1/62368-1, you can get a single investigation/report for 60065 and 62368-1.  Unfortunately, the mere existence of the Hybrid TRF as an official IECEE TRF does not mean that all countries and NCBs are accepting it.  Therefore, many manufacturers still pursue the two investigations/reports route, i.e., 60065 & 62368-1.  We (UL) continue to champion the Hybrid TRF and will continue to do so.

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