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During my transition from IEC 60065 and/or IEC 60950-1 to IEC 62368-1 do all my safety labels need to be changed?

You asked if you need to change your safety labels as you transition to 62368-1. 

The answer is not a simple yes/no answer. 

Ideally, all instructional safeguards will comply with the format in Annex F.5 of 62368-1, along with the specific guidance in the rest of the standard for particular instructional safeguards.  Certainly that is the expectation for brand new products submitted to IEC 62368-1 and its national/regional equivalents such as EN 62368-1 and CSA/UL 62368-1. 

During a product certification update to 62368-1, safety labels (‘instructional safeguards’ in 62368-1 terminology) certainly are one of the review items. However, note some of the 60065 & 60950-1 instructional safeguards already are aligned with 62368-1, including its Annex F.5 formatting.  For those that are not, if the whole instructional safeguard is not marked on the equipment, 62368-1 Annex F.5 allows for use of a symbol(s) on the equipment along with the full instructional safeguard (in Annex F.5 format) to be placed in the product instructions/manual.  As a result this reduces the total marked label content compared to 60065 and/or 60950-1, which is helpful since it is easier to update a manual (instructions) than actual product labeling, especially when it involves multiple languages. 

So, for transitional purposes and certification updates, there would need to be a determination how different are required markings/instructions on the submitted product from 62368-1, and in what form. This typically is best determined on an individual product review basis. Then a decision could be made on whether the existing labels/instructions need to be updated, keeping in mind too that not all markings/labels found on products are considered instructional safeguards.


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