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For ITE intended for installation in a restricted access location, may the electrical ratings be placed in the installation guide rather than marked on the product if a symbol near the appliance inlet refers to the installation guide?

More specifically you asked:  For IT equipment with appliance inlet (not the direct plugin) deployed in restricted accession location specifically accessed by instructed and skilled persons if there is no place to affix the input rating (voltage, current, frequency) on equipment, can we use instruction safety guard near the appliance inlet so that user can refer to the required input ratings in the HW installation guide?


In response, there is no current basis in sub-clause F.3.3 of Annex F of CSA / UL / EN IEC 62368-1 for allowing electrical ratings (for mains connected equipment) to be in the manual/installation guide if replaced by a symbol(s) on the product (such as symbols ISO 7000-0434 (2004-01) / ISO 7000-1641 (2004-01) that refer to the text in an accompanying document). There also are no special provisions on this topic for equipment installed in restricted access locations (RAL).  62368-1 allows for instructional safeguards/markings to be in manuals only when specified.


In North America, if attempting to do so, there would likely also be inspection issues by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) / Electrical Inspectors because nameplate information/ratings are not only used by skilled or instructed persons - Electrical Inspectors check electrical ratings to confirm branch circuit (mains) loading, etc.  Therefore such ratings/markings are expected to be on the equipment.


Also, if the equipment is likely to be installed in a Data Center (which is considered a RAL), Article 645 of the U.S. National Electrical Code (NEC) is explicit in Section 645.16, Marking, - 'œEach unit of an information technology system supplied by a branch circuit shall be provided with a manufacturer'™s nameplate, which shall also include the input power requirements for voltage, frequency, and maximum rated load in amperes.'


If the submitter believes that IEC 62368-1 should be revised to allow for a wider consideration of electrical ratings provided in installation manuals, the submitter should consider making a proposal (w/technical rationale) through their National Committee associated with IEC TC108.

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