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The IEC 62368-1 Knowledge Hub covers an exceptionally wide range of topics, which we believe can be helpful to manufacturers and distributors of A/V & ICT equipment.

This Q&A includes many of the questions we have been asked, with answers from UL experts. Registered users may also submit additional questions related to the 62368: UL has the answer.

Q&A: List of articles with internal wiring

For China the NOTE allowing wire to comply with UL 2556 VW-1 was removed from sub-clause 6.5.1 by a National Difference from IEC 62368-1 in GB4943.1-2022 (China National Standard). Does this mean VW-1 rated wiring is not accepted in China?

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More specifically you asked: China has now published GB4943.1 2022. However, the National Differences exclude wiring tested to UL 2556 and only wire flammability tested to IEC 60332-1 and IEC 60332-2 are acceptable. Given that UL 758 includes the relevant flame tests, will this standard be accepted in China?
In response, in the China national difference from IEC 62368-1:2018 in sub-clause 6.5.1, it states: “Delete the text of the Note “Wire complying with UL 2556 VW-1 is considered to comply with these requirements.