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What is important to know about the recently published Ed. 4 of the IEC Guide 112:2017 (Guide on the safety of multimedia equipment)?

IEC Guide 112:2017, Guide on the safety of multimedia equipment, is produced by IEC ACOS (Advisory Committee on Safety), based on content produced by IEC TC108.  It is a bridge for multi-media equipment evaluated to either IEC 60065 or IEC 60950-1 until the full transition to IEC 62368-1. 

(If as a multi-media equipment manufacturer you have already transitioned to IEC 62368-1 (congratulations!), Guide 112 essentially is irrelevant to you.)

The Guide was first published in 1998, and its main provision allows for the manufacturer to make the choice between use of either IEC 60065 or IEC 60950-1 for investigation of multimedia equipment until the full transition to IEC 62368-1 when these legacy standards no longer will be an option.  However, secondarily, but very importantly, for certain hazards, it also points to requirements in either IEC 60065 or IEC 60950-1 that must be considered regardless of which standard is chosen.

For example, the key addition to this latest 2017 Guide (Edition No. 4) is sub-clause 3.5, which states in summary, although the latest edition of IEC 60950-1 does not have requirements for replaceable coin/button cells, if equipment with this type of battery is investigated to IEC 60950-1, the IEC 60065 requirements for coin/button cells (in 2.7.15, 5.4c, 5.5.2j and 12.7) are to be applied.

This addition was needed because, due to IEC standards development process timing issues, the latest edition/amendment (Ed2/Am2) of IEC 60950-1 does not contain the same requirements for coin/button cells as were added to IEC 60065 and IEC 62368-1. Because IEC TC108 does not intend to make further revisions to IEC 60950-1 (devoting current/future efforts at IEC 62368-1), an addition to Guide 112 for replaceable coin/button cell batteries was necessary to address this topic.

UL notes, this latest Guide 112 requirement is consistent with the current practice of UL LLC and many/most other NCBs.  Therefore, the impact on manufacturers likely will be minimal. However, it important for AV/ICT manufacturers who have not transitioned to IEC 62368-1 yet to know that these important safety requirements for replaceable coin/button cells are being applied regardless of the standard selected (IEC 60065, IEC 60950-1 or IEC 62368-1, or the UL equivalents).


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