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Is Canada, Europe or the US considering an additional extension into 2021 for 62368-1 2nd Ed in light of the logistics and testing disruptions or potential disruptions due to the Covid-19 outbreak?

(As of early April 2020) there are no definitive plans yet to extend the EU DOW or US / UL Effective date for IEC 62368-1:2014 (Ed. No. 2)-based standards beyond December 20, 2020.


In Europe, there has been some industry dialogue on the need to consider doing so.  However, first CENELEC would need to propose to its member countries a delay of its 2020-12-20 Date of Withdrawal (DOW), which is the standardization aspect.  Then, if successful the European Commission would need to be petitioned to extend the same Date of Succession of Presumption of Conformity, as published in the Official Journal (OJ), which is the regulatory aspect.  Both would take some coordination and formal action (and considering the original DOW was a special 5-year transition and not the typical 3-year transition, there could be some resistance by the EC).


In North America, for many years UL has aligned our AV/ICT-based Effective Dates with the EU DOW to allow for manufacturers of global AV/ICT products to coordinate their global market access plans for two major regions / markets of the world. In this context, unilaterally adjusting the UL Effective Date would have minimal impact without Europe also adjusting.  However, UL continues to monitor the situation in Europe and will consider the need for adjustments based on any significant new regulatory developments in Europe. 


In the meantime, and despite the Covid-19 outbreak, UL, as an essential service provider, continues to provide 62368-based transition and new product certification services to our global AV / ICT customer base, including enhanced remote witnessing and auditing options to provide further flexibility to AV / ICT manufacturers -

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