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I noticed that EN 60950-1 is no longer shown under the LV Directive standards (column 2) in the Official Journal (OJ) of the EU. I thought it was going to be withdrawn next year?

As of 2018 there has been a new format for the OJ EU whereby standards that have been superseded are no longer listed in the OJ’s column 2.  This was done to address an anomaly that can arise when the date of cessation passes and the old standard remains listed until the next OJ EU publication.  While there is some logic to this approach, it also can be a bit confusing when we are used to the old method.


It has been suggested an explanatory note should be added to the table referring to Columns 4 & 5 that although the superseded Standards are no longer ‘listed’ in the OJ, they still do provide a presumption of conformity until the date of cessation.  However, the EU Commission may feel the existing Note 2.1 is adequate.




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