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How can I as a manufacturer get involved with IEC TC108, the IEC technical committee that produces IEC 62368-1, IEC TR 62368-2, IEC 62368-3, IEC 60990 and related documents?

You asked how a manufacturer could get involved with IEC TC108? 

Participation on IEC TC108 is via National Committees. Therefore, the most available method to get involved in the work of IEC TC108 is through your National Committee for the country in which you are located.  As a national committee member you receive TC108 documents and proposals, and you collaborate with your fellow National Committee members to provide a consensus national response on such proposals.

Currently, there are 29 participating countries and 11 observing countries associated with IEC TC108.

The IEC maintains a Dashboard (web area) for each IEC TC – see link below.  If interested in joining your national committee, there is contact information for each national committee in the membership area of the dashboard.

Note that each national committee is run per their own country-specific rules and there likely will be a fee to join and participate on your national committee.

In the U.S., UL Inc. is the Secretary of the ANSI USNC Technical Activity Group (TAG) for IEC TC108, so you can contact UL if you want more information sent to you about membership.  For other countries, a simple inquiry made to the Secretary of the National Committee for your country likely will get you moving in the right direction.


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