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For IEC 62368-1 and IECEE CB Reports to it, are IEC 60127-1 fuses required?

Generally yes, but there is more to be aware of than a yes or no answer.


As we know, the IECEE CB Scheme is a global data exchange program that is used to reduce redundant evaluation/testing.  IEC standards are the base standards used by Certification Body Testing Laboratories (CBTLs), with review by National Certification Bodies (NCB), to provide/issue IECEE CB Reports.


IEC standards typically require IEC fuses, such as IEC 62368-1 specifying IEC 60127-1.  Therefore, IEC 60127-1 and similar IEC fuses can be considered the norm in the IECEE CB Scheme for most electrical products.  


However, in the IECEE CB Scheme manufacturers can, and typically do ask that National Differences be considered into the investigation by the NCB because the manufacturer is planning to use the CB Report for obtaining marks in multiple countries (global market access).  Therefore, most IECEE CB Reports include addendums that cover the National Differences for the multiple countries covered by the CB Report.  The National Differences are from the National Standard based on the IEC Standard, such as our bi-national standard, CSA/UL/IEC 62368-1, for CAN/US.


Most countries do not have National Differences from the IEC standard for fuses.  Therefore, most countries require IEC 60127-1 and other IEC fuses as specified in them.  However, there can be exceptions.


For example, for CAN/US in CSA/UL/IEC 62368-1, there is a National Difference for fuses used for Branch Circuit protection because of electrical code (NEC & CEC) requirements for protection of branch circuits/receptacles.  However, there is no National Difference for fuses used for Supplementary Protection inside products since the electrical codes do not cover such applications. 


Therefore, for AV/ICT equipment for CAN/US, if a fuse is used in a product for a branch circuit application (e.g., protecting a NEMA receptacle in a PDU), Annex NAE of CSA/UL 62368-1 requires UL 248-x or CSA 248.x fuses. 


However, if a fuse is used in a product in a supplementary protection application (e.g., front end of SMPS), IEC 60127-1 is fine, although per Annex NAF a fuse complying with UL 248-14 or CSA 248.14 also is OK for CAN/US only. 


(Similar requirements are in Annex NAE & NAF for Circuit Breakers & Supplementary Protectors.) 


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