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For an outdoor access point, I have a question on the application and order of tests related to use of adhesive, and then application of mechanical strength and water spray tests.

More specifically you asked: For an outdoor access point, for which we would like to apply 62368-1 & 60950-22, should we do the adhesive securing test (Annex P.4), and immediately subject the same sample to the mechanical strength test (Annex T) for the adhesive part?  After that, do we use same sample to do the water spray test for 60950-22 (Annex B)?


In response, the requirements for outdoor equipment that previously were in IEC 60950-22 are now incorporated/integral to IEC 62368-1:2018 (Edition 3). Therefore, the references to specific clauses of the standard in the explanation below all are to IEC 62368-1:2018.  For example, water spray test requirements now are specified in Annex Y.5.3 of the latest standard.


Related to mechanical strength testing of parts secured by adhesive, the sample is required to be subjected to the Annex T testing immediately after temperature conditioning specified in Annex P.4.2.  Annex P.4.2 specifies “The sample is then immediately subjected to the tests of Annex T according to 4.4.3.”


However, for the water spray test in Annex Y.5.3, it is our opinion that a separate sample can be used and is not required to be the same sample that has been subjected to Annex T/Annex P.4.2 testing.  Our rationale is that since Annex P.4 test addresses to robustness of parts secured by adhesives (Annex T test after P.4.2 conditioning) and water spray test addresses to protection from the effect of moisture on the enclosed equipment, these tests can be performed separately.

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