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For a remote control with a user replaceable coin battery, s-cl 4.8.2 requires an instructional safeguard. Can text (element 2) be replaced with a symbol (e.g., element 1b of Annex F.5)? Alternatively, does a suitable symbol exist for element 1a?


Sub-clause 4.8.2 needs to be read in conjunction with Annex F.5. 


Annex F.5 reads,


“F.5 Instructional safeguards


Unless otherwise specified, an instructional safeguard is comprised of element 1a or element 2, or both, together with element 3 and element 4. If a suitable symbol for element 1a is not available, then element 1b may be used instead. 

Unless otherwise specified, the location of the instructional safeguard shall be as follows:

     – the complete instructional safeguard shall be marked on the equipment; or

     – element 1a or element 2, or both, shall be marked on the equipment and the complete instructional safeguard shall be in the text of an accompanying document.  If only element 2 is used, the text shall be preceded by the word “Warning” or “Caution” or similar wording. “


Also, per 4.8.2,

  — it is ‘not specified’ that the marking location must be on the equipment (remote control), and

 — it states element 1a is ‘not available’. 


Therefore, the manufacturer may,


 — place element 1b on the equipment (remote control), and,

 — elements 2, 3 & 4 in the accompanying document (manual).


Also, per 4.8.2, again, a suitable symbol does not exist for element 1a. Therefore, element 1b should be used if the complete instructional safeguard is not marked on the equipment (remote control). 


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