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Does UL 62368-1 allow use of a green colour insulation for a protective bonding conductor?

More specifically you asked: In sub-clause (Colour of insulation), can protective bonding conductors be insulated with a green colour (not green-and-yellow) except for the two cases in this clauses? I know that protective earthing conductor could be insulated with a green colour according to ND of UL 62368-1 in G.7. How about protective bonding conductor?


In response, sub-clause requires green-and-yellow for the insulation of both protective earthing conductor(s) and protective bonding conductor(s). The green (only) colour of insulation only is permitted in the protective earthing conductor of power cord sets in North America.  As you stated, this requirement is in Annex DVE (G.7) of UL 62368-1. 


Since a protective bonding conductor is defined per in UL 62368-1:2019 ( in UL 62368-1:2014) as being located in an equipment, it is not a part of the power supply cord. Thus, the insulation of the protective bonding conductor is not covered by Annex DVE (G.7) and is required to be green-and-yellow, except for the two cases indicated in sub-clause accordingly.

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