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Do Suppliers of components (actives and passives) to power supply manufacturers and equipment manufacturers need to certify to 62368-1 and what are those tests required?

Your question seems to be related to general component requirements and supply chain transition plans to IEC 62368-1, which would be challenging to fully answer / explain in this sort of Q&A forum. 


However, IEC 62368-1 component requirements usually are specified in Annex G, Components, although there are a few special components that have their own Annex, like Annex J for multi-layer insulated winding wire.


Components in 62368-1 generally are considered several different ways.  They need to either,


-comply with a specified IEC component standard (e.g., X/Y capacitors, fuses, varistor, switches, etc.), which generally need certification to the IEC component standard; or

-comply with the IEC 62368-1 requirements (e.g., motors, IC Current Limiters, etc.), usually included as a performance test program in Annex G; or

-comply with either a specified IEC component standard specified in Annex G or a test program in Annex G (e.g., transformers, opto-coupler, etc.).


If a component is listed in Annex G, generally it is preferable that the component manufacturer achieve component certification to allow for pre-selection by the end product manufacturer.  The component certification is either by certification to the IEC component standard if a standard other than IEC 62368-1 is specified (e.g., X or Y capacitor), or by certification to IEC 62368-1 (e.g., IC Current Limiter).


If 62368-1 does not specifically reference an IEC component program or an Annex G performance program, then the component generally can be investigated as part of the equipment without any special investigation (i.e., does not require individual certification) – this applies to most passives, including resistors, electrolytic and film capacitors (non- X & Y), inductors, transistors, etc. not used as a safeguard.


In the U.S. and Canada, there are specific component requirements for some components, which are contained in Annexes DVE, DVF & DVG.  For example, printed circuit boards associated with ES 2/ 3 and PS 2/ 3 circuits need to comply with UL 796.


Therefore, for detailed requirements for components, please review Annexes G, DVE, DVF & DVG,  and feel free to consult with UL for additional guidance.  Please note too, our 62368-1 UL Transition Guide ( https://62368-ul-solutions.com/toolkit.html ) may be of value to you since it includes selected topics related to component requirements, the global component supply chain transition, including use of components certified to legacy standards per 4.1.1, and new test items required of components for IEC 62368-1.

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