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Ref. Do components that fill an opening in a fire enclosure have to be V-1 , regardless of their proximity to a PIS?

A component that meets the applicable IEC component requirements e.g. appliance inlet that complies with IEC 60320-1 may meet the flammability requirement for that specific component. 


If the applicable component is not assessed to a component requirement, please remember components safeguards need to meet the applicable component requirements and includes plastic parts then thermoplastic parts that make up part of a fire enclosure need a minimum flammability rating of V-1 (or tested in accordance with S.1.)  If the enclosure is in close proximity to a PIS, £13 mm for arcing; £5 mm for resistive, it then needs a minimum flammability rating of V-0 (or tested per S.2.)


Please consider acquiring the technical report IEC TR 62368-2, Explanatory information related to IEC 62368-1:2018.  This document provides additional background on the development of the Standard and the hazard based engineering used to formalize the requirements. 

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