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Compliance to IEC 62368-1, the new Hazard-Based Safety Standard

Interoperability Testing for Consumer Technology Products

IoT Security Top 20 Requirements

Testing and Certification Services for Smart Home Devices


Compliance Solutions for Wearable Technology Products

Info Sheets


Advantages of combined certifications for Battery Packs and Power Banks

The UL Living Lab for Real World Testing

White Papers


Navigating the Impact of IEC 62368-1 on the Global Component Supply Chain

Cybersecurity Considerations for Connected Smart Home Systems And Devices


62368-1 Certification Impact Analysis '“ Updated October 2021


Safety of AV & ICT Equipment Installed Outdoors

The transition from IEC 60950'22 to IEC 62368'1

Safety of AV & ICT Equipment Containing Work Cells with MS3 parts

The transition from IEC 60950'23 to IEC 62368'1

IEC 62368'3 Backgrounder

Updated May 2021

NFPA 70'2017 - Update: National Electrical Code (NEC) Analysis of Impact Considerations on Design & Installation of AV/ICT Equipment

Perspective: Movement toward an IEC 62368-1:2018-based standard in Europe '“ Updated March 2020


UL Position on use of legacy AV/ICT Components for EU after 2020-12-20


NFPA 75'2020: Fire Protection of ITE Impact Analysis


NFPA 70-2020: National Electrical Code (NEC) Impact Analysis